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channeling efforts using SM (social media)

As with all the products and services we provide, our social media efforts take shape as a careful planning approach, followed by brilliant execution.

Talk to your customers, develop a personality for your business, and reach out the same way you do over the counter. Using social media is not about direct selling, but rather about teaching your customers about yourself. Make them believe in your business the same way you do when you’re face to face.

They will be genuinely pleased, generate repeat business, and you gain a long term loyal customer base.

more business with PPC

PPC: pay per click advertising

Bring business to your online efforts using the most effective and quantifiable form of advertising. At Bryo, we manage advertising budgets for customers who want to get immediate results from their marketing campaigns.

Pay per click advertising refers to a form of marketing where customers click on your ads on a variety of marketing platforms and you only pay for each individual click.

No budget is too small. Do not be afraid. We work with every budget, and pay per click rates are as low as $0.50 per click. At that rate, you’d get 200 visits to your website, from targeted local individuals for $100. Now beware and don’t expect rates that low all the time, but even so, PPC marketing is efficient, immediate and extremely targeted. You will not be disappointed.

Some PPC platforms include:

Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn