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The Association for Career and Technical Education of Arizona tasked Bryo Media with developing a series of applications geared at digitizing and streamlining internal processes previously undertaken using paper and dated techniques. The objective was to generate tools that will save time for office staff and provide a platform for future growth.

Website, Online UX

Website, Online Presence


First, we began on developing a front-end public facing online presence for the association to offer a communication platform towards its stakeholders. This would serve as a meeting ground for information sharing and establish a way to connect users to future developments that the association would be undertaking.

The online experience was designed to incorporate graphical elements present throughout printed and offline marketing materials, but maintain high user experience standards always present in our studio’s creations.

Data Management Streamlining

The primary objective of this undertaking was to save ACTEAZ time and find cost savings by improving data handling techniques that were dated and time consuming. This involved closely studying how the organization handles data, from printed forms and manual processing to the usage of spreadsheets and email communication.

“Study, analyze, streamline.”

Event / Conference Management Software Development

Conference Management


The heaviest task we were tasked with was the creation of an event management platform designed from the ground up. We were to design the entire back end and front end facets of a platform that will be used to handle a multitude of data gathering and analyzing techniques.

The major components of the system were: creating and managing regular events and conferences, session (course) creation and session management, and user registration.

The development for each component took place over a span of numerous months, and we could develop, test and launch each component without interruption or delays from other components still under development. This enabled the organization to provide the tools as they were being completed rather than as a one complete launch – which would have taken a considerable amount of time.


The result of our efforts was staggering even based on our own initial assumptions. We were able to bring virtually all ACTEAZ’s internal processes into an complete online platform used by all stakeholders, from office staff to conference presenters and registrants. The application provides a multitude of services not limited to accountancy, payment processing, data analysis and reporting.

“The amount of time were able to save in analyzing and managing data exceeded our client’s expectations significantly.